This new mural in Poland by Os Gemeos and Aryz is awesome. (via The Fox Is Black)

Postmodern culture is a wave we ride in the disorganizing and all pervasive economy of late capitalism. Awash in a sea of faces, we look back nostalgically to the shore in a sudden memory of a ground already lost. Once, where there was a time and a place for everything, there was also a time and a place for nostalgia. But now, threatened with a deadening pluralism that makes us all just an other among others, in which difference erases into an utter indifference, and where the self is a pastiche of styles glued to a surface, nostalgia becomes the very lighthouse waving us back to shore—the one point on the landscape that gives hope of direction. —K.S., Nostalgia—A Polemic


Town Hall Novi Beograd

Stojan Maksimovic and Branislav Jovin


Sava Centar Congress Centre 

Stojan Maksimovic (1975)

bandwagoning in Berlin

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"The train is the machine dream of the concrete ending, or the primal object on which the mind can stare itself out to a completed mourning. But it is also the haunting reminder that there is always something more, or something else, released in the very moment when the virtual transmogrifies into the actual. It speeds by and is gone, yet it culls our attention to it in its very passing, holding the promise and threat of a stopping even as it hurtles past and dual temptations to hop the train of machine dreams or to feel its impact as a literal shock of recognition."

-Kathleen Stewart, “Machine Dreams”

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Work Drugs - Coral Gables